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Familiarize yourself with our guidelines, traveler! This is not a general discussion board! For a full history, visit our Comprehensive Historical Timeline wiki page! In the latest apk mined by The Silphroad, "Grass knot" was found to be one of the new charge move which might be included in the game. Might become a proper counter to Lapras which is also at the heavier end Low kick would be such a good counter to snorlax, a pokemon with basically no weakness right now.

Would also make fighting pokemon albeit with just that one move relevant. It would be kinda weird to have extra small snorlaxes suddenly become much better defenders than regular or extra large snorlaxes, though. Right now none of the moves have special effects added.

Transform is the first move with an effect. I honestly hope it never makes a difference. Getting a good IV Mon with a good move set is already tough enough. Add the challenge of getting the correlating weight with the move set and the odds decrease a lot.

The moves impact is calculated by the weight of the target not the weight of your Pokemon. The only impact it will have is how much damage it deals, depending on the weight of the Pokemon you fight. This just adds another layer to decision making for gym battles, there is no additional afford when it comes to finding the right Pokemon with the right moveset. Au contraire monsieur, this would simply shift the amount of good pokemon, not increase the difficult to get them.

That is knot possible because niantic has Xs-ively ignored bulbapedia even for low kick which is weight dependent. We just hv to weight nd watch now what will happen. Gyro ball is dependent on difference between user and opponents speed stat, the slower the user is than the opponent, the greater will be the damage caused to the opponent. It will likely be given a flat power. It would make sense to have smaller pokemon have quicker attacks and a better dodge chance while larger pokemon have stonger attacks and better defense. Not better defense, more health. And the size should never decrease other baseline stats, merely increase them.

The attack IV counts twice in the CP formula. I strongly believe anything like that would be included in the APK, and the dataminers would have found it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. TheSilphRoad subscribe unsubscribe , readers 6, users here now Welcome, new travelers! The Silph Road is a friendly, active community focused on three objectives: Constructing a real-world network of Pokemon GO enthusiasts Researching and discussing game mechanics and strategy Helping newbies improve and learn Sweet.

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What is The Silph Road?

Keep it constructive and friendly! Niantic games are a marathon, not a finished product.

Размер имеет значение. Рост/вес покемона.

We keep an open mind and optimistic perspective. Above all, we keep it drama-free and chill here. Controversial topics and drama will need to be hashed out elsewhere. This is a place to enjoy the game and learn together while building the Silph Road network!

Raid system beta rollout begins Jun?? Silph Road launches local centers in every town Jun?? Team Rocket takes over the Atlas and subreddit. Executives and TrainerTips kidnapped and rescued. Mar 22 Water Festival begins Mar 22 v0. The person needs to be in your proximity. Jan 24 Largescale spawnpoint remap adds additional nests Jan 23 Launches in S. Korea using OSM map data Jan 17 v0.

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Global awards Gold, mystery challenge of Lugia raid! Rolling out worldwide in 48 hours! Grant Park trainers recieve Lugia guaranteed! Team Mystic made the largest contribution, therefore Articuno will be released second! Just try not to use your puns too XS-ively.

There really is no way to know either way, to be honest. Snorlax might finally have a decent counter if Low Kick works like this. Pokemon that currently have no real use could become useful. I just remember my ferrovine using curse to reduce speed for it lol. Seems most all of my top IV pokemon are tiny. Far more likely - the ratio of attack to defence is skewed by IVs. P anyway, again, as i said, its probably nothing, just a feeling that something weird is going on from times to times not often.

Xs pokemon go

Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Gyms temporarily disabled "for a short period of time" in preparation for major game update. Banwave and shadowban system added for illicit botting accounts. Grass event begins bringing 6-hour Lures and increased grass spawns in some areas. Niantic announces partnership with the Knight Foundation for future events. Promo code box appears in in-game Shop on Android. Niantic support accounts officially join Reddit community. Maximum daily Pokemon catch limit lowered to an alleged 1, rolling over 72 hours.

Mewtwo finally defeated at Silph Road HQ after major technical difficulties resolved. First Silph Road community adventure: First Shiny Pokemon Magikarp captured in wild. The Silph Research Group decodes egg rarity tiers.

Xs pokemon go

John Hanke announces 3 major updates coming in at Mobile World Congress. Move Rebalance restores quick move speed.

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