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FIFA 16 Boots DLC

FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch to deliver a balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience that lets you play your way, and compete at a higher level. With innovative gameplay features, FIFA 16 brings Confidence in Defending, Control in Midfield, and gives you the tools to create more Moments of Magic than ever before.

Fans new to the franchise, or skilled players looking to improve their game will have a chance to Compete at a Higher Level using the all new FIFA Trainer. Innovation Across the Entire Pitch. Help Live Chat Network Status Contact Support Protection Plan Service and Repair System Updates. Blog PlayStation Store PlayStation Docs. From PlayStation Store New Releases Deals of the Week Popular Games Coming Soon. Sign in to your account SIGN IN. FIFA 16 FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch to deliver a balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience that lets you play your way, and compete at a higher level.

Confidence in Defending Defensive Agility — A new suite of 25 feature changes to defensive locomotion creates agile defenders that track attacking opponents. Defenders are able to seamlessly close down space and change direction using swing steps, creating balance in 1v1 situations.

Defender acceleration time to top speed and greater freedom of movement help defenders stay with their opponents.

FIFA 16 Dlc Codes PS3-PS4-Xbox One-Xbox360

Defend as a Unit — Rely on your teammates to cover gaps when you close down an attacker. New defensive AI gives players better awareness of dangerous space on the pitch relative to the ball and their opponents. Your teammates will track back to stop sophisticated attacking runs, and close down angles of attack. New Tackling Fundamentals - All new tackling behaviors add a variety of options to help you get stuck in and take possession of the ball.

Fifa 16 dlc

A brand new slide tackle system gives you control of slide length and offers a chance to abort mid-tackle and get back in position. There is now huge variety available in tackling options, such as Fake Tackles, In Air Standing Tackles, and Full Body Tackles. Tackles are rewarding and responsive in FIFA Control in Midfield Interception Intelligence — Control the Midfield with new interception logic that helps you shut down options and close dangerous passing channels. This creates a more considered and authentic experience in midfield. Rewritten for FIFA 16 , Interception Intelligence can be adjusted in Custom Tactics so you can control how aggressive your teammates are on the ball.

You are in complete control of build-up play in midfield. Passing With Purpose — FIFA 16 introduces a revolution in passing. Now play sharp, incisive passes so you can find teammates with precision. Using a new button mechanic, ping driven ground passes to find teammates in tight spaces to open up your attacking options.

Now you can free yourself from the ball to buy time, create separation, feint, and blow by your defender just as Messi does when he is at his best. Buy time using No Touch Dribbling to separate yourself from the ball to create Moments of Magic. This completely revolutionizes 1v1 scenarios and gives players more opportunities in attack than ever before.

Crossers approach the ball with realistic and rewarding run animations, while players in the box will be led by the ball so they can run on to it, using their movement to drive the strike. New cross targeting means your strikers will meet the ball on the run and put defenses in difficult situations as more balls are played behind the back line. You will feel exactly where the ball has been struck and why it has taken the trajectory it is on. Newly defined orientation of the foot and ankle gives players more variety in shooting, making for exciting goals.

Fifa 16 dlc

Players will also understand why they are missing the target and be able to adjust their approach next time they are in on goal. Learn as you play with an optional graphic overlay HUD that prompts you with gameplay options depending on your position on the pitch and the level of trainer automatic or manual. Basic commands get you started, while deeper hints will improve the game of the most skilled players. Basic Level — A new level of Skill Games targeted at fans picking up EA SPORTS FIFA for the first time. This authentic addition to FIFA gives fans a brand new way to play.

Women are playable in Kick Off, an Offline Tournament, and Online Friendly Matches. This new mode will test your FUT squad building skills as you pick the best fit for each position from a five-player draw. Draft a squad and challenge opponents, online or in offline single player, in a series of up to four matches. Win four matches in a row to earn the best rewards possible! Screenshots and Videos See FIFA 16 in Action.

FIFA 16 dlc

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