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Which Apps are safe to remove after Root

The App Summary contains the unique identifiers of the app, including the App name, MD5 Message Digest numbers and SHA Secure Hash Algorithm numbers.

Summary of notable app behaviors and their corresponding risk levels. The list is ordered by risk score, with the most malicious and risky behaviors listed on top. These are permissions secured by the app and the risk level for these permissions. Beware of extra permissions not required by normal app behavior. List is ordered by risk score, with the most dangerous listed on top.

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In addition to the MD5 and SHA numbers, the App Certificate identifies the date the app was created, from which country it originated, and whether or not the certificate is still active. The Behavior Logs is one of the most important parts of a SkyEye report.

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It shows what the app is doing within the rst couple of seconds of the app running. For each behavior, the corresponding Android function call will be listed, such as a call for a le, URL, phone number, and more. Activities list what activities are requested within the app. The example below shows that this app uses an SMS Opt-In activity.

Services lists additional services that are included in the app. The example below shows this app includes an SMS and Pay service. These are system events that this app monitors and makes use of.

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Full API Calls list all of the APIs within the app. API Application Program Interface is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.

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An API specifies how software components should interact, and are used when programming graphical user interface GUI components. Increasing the number of potential calls also increases the attack surface, meaning that a hacker has more to potentially exploit. You should be receiving it shortly. Mobile App Threat Report FULL REPORT.

This app is benign and safe to use. Critical Mostly called by malware. Dangerous Frequently called by malware. Risky Suspicious behavior, appeared in some malware. Here is a list of libraries that were used in this application. ELF Files are the individual Executable Linkable Format files inside the APK. Files are the individual les inside the APK, such as jar les or mp3s. Potentially Risky Strings are the files or URLs that may do harm to your device.

Risky API Calls are the server connections which may be harmful to your device. Risky API Details provide the full code details of the APIs that may be harmful to your device.

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